Empty 'Fridge and Hungry Kids?
Broke and it's a Week Until Payday?
Loan Thugs Coming Next Week?

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You've got a job, and you give honest work for your money. But you don't make the big bucks and you have lots of calls on your paycheck. Most of the time the money lasts you 'til your next check, but sometimes it doesn't. This is one of those times.

Do you put food in the pantry or gas in the car? Pay for that prescription or get your kid new shoes? How 'bout the electric bill? Dare you drive with an expired registration? You're supposed to be asleep but you're staring at the ceiling worried about how to make ends meet. And payday is a week-and-a-half away.

It's no fun being broke. It's no fun worrying about feeding yourself. And it's REALLY no fun worrying about feeding your family. And just when you're seeing light something else hits: your car breaks down. Or the plumbing springs a leak. Or taxes come due. Or...or...or... Murphy's Law certainly applies while surviving 'til payday.

I've been in a pinch, too. Just out of grad school I was stuck with a $5.50 per hour job. It was a hand-to-mouth existence, and Ramen Noodles were my companions. So I was brave and set up as a street artist... and had folks in line all night as I hand-lettered nameplates for tips. I nearly always made more doing this two nights a week than I did in forty hours working for the county with a Master's degree: it kept me going until my first real job came along.

Years later I was stuck in England on the way back from a summer doing medical work in a third-world country. I had four days before my flight home, and only had about five bucks to my name. Remembering my street-artist days I used my last money to buy pens, ink, and paper and I began lettering for folks at a flea market just outside London. The coins I earned fed me well that week.

Today I'm payroll's database guy, and I see lots of folks who find themselves in a pinch. I sign for garnishments and I've heard plenty of stories of repossessed cars, no gas money, bills and the like. Surprisingly few have been after handouts: most just wanted more overtime or some other extra work to help them out of a tight spot.

I wrote this book for people in a pinch - good people like you who just need another gig to get them by. A lesser person would lay there and bleed: instead, you can cowboy up and deal with the situation heroically. This book won't make the money for you, but it will certainly give you some solid tools to work with.

Work hard. Be heroic. Women: many of you are being heroic already - these tools can help. Men, be heroic for your wife and kids if you have 'em; if you don't, be heroic for the watching world and your future wife and kids. All: be heroic for your self.

In this book you'll find sections on:

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Here's what's inside:

Chapter 1: Tools You'll Need

Chapter 2: Take a good, hard look at yourself

Chapter 3: Stop bleeding

Chapter 4: Physical work which pays fast

Chapter 5: Non-physical work which pays fast

Chapter 6: Skilled/Trained/Certificated/Official work that pays fast

Chapter 7: Work Which Pays In A Few Weeks

Chapter 8: Should You Work Online?


Appendix I: How to make a business card, a flyer, and a tear-off ad

Appendix II: Asking for help

Appendix III: Thoughts on pricing, selling, advertising, and books


A treasure chest of good help for someone who needs some extra money when life has dealt its blows or to just get started... great resource for helping people help themselves!
Willis, VA

Some years ago my health declined to a point that I had to quit working and go on disability. Not long after that the state went into a furious decline and my husband's job was secure although pay was cut. We implemented many of your ideas to get us through this financial crunch/downsizing. We know it will be many years still to become debt free, but we are digging out by using many of the ideas in your book. I think many will be helped if they take the time to read your book. This book is also ideal for kids leaving the nest that have no idea how hard life can be. I am having them all read it!

So, Tim, what's the cost?
I used to have a good pitch here trying to justify fifteen bucks. And the book is worth several times that.

BUT... you're probably in a pickle right now with no money. I would rather just give it to you and hope you'll send me a donation when you are in better shape. Fact is, I wish you well... please accept this gift with my compliments.

Note that I do collect email addresses in the process. I don't imagine I'll be using them very often. But I may send you something once or twice a year...

I'm giving the book away - God has blessed me tremendously, and it's not a bad idea to pass it on.

Be a hero: rise to the occasion and meet the need! You're going into battle -
be sure you're as well-prepared as possible: get this book now!

- Thanks!
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To your family's financial health,

Tim Stephenson


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Seriously - this book will save you weeks of research trying to find a good gig.
I guarantee you'll feel it's worth it.